Kay Scarpetta Cookbooks

One of the things that fans love so much about the Scarpetta novels are the descriptions of the meals and cooking process that Patricia Cornwell describes in the stories.

In fact, this element of the books proved to be so popular, Cornwell released two Kay Scarpetta cookbooks based on the food that was mentioned in the novels.

Kay Scarpetta Cookbook 1The first cookbook is Scarpetta’s Winter Table. This is primarily a novella that includes all of the main characters from the series and is based in the week after Christmas.

It contains general descriptions of recipes, although it doesn’t go in to great detail about any measurements – perfect if you like to experiment!

Kay Scarpetta Cookbook 2The second cookbook is Food To Die For. Whereas Scarpetta’s Winter Table only contains guidelines for how to make the meals, Food To Die For lists all of the ingredients and measurements that are needed – better for people who prefer complete instructions for how to make a dish.

So get both of these books so that you can find out how to make Scarpetta favorites like:

  • Italian sausage pizza
  • Miami-style chili with beer
  • Key lime meringue pie
  • Fruit-marinated lamb kabobs
  • Jack Daniels chocolate-pecan pie
  • And many, many more