Kay Scarpetta Series

1990 was a significant year for Patricia Cornwell as it saw the release of her first novel – Postmortem. This was also the first book in the Kay Scarpetta series and Postmortem went on to win several different awards.

Cornwell has since published many more Scarpetta books, releasing a new story in the series nearly every year, with most of them becoming NYT bestsellers.

On this page we’ve produced a complete list of novels in the Kay Scarpetta series in the order in which they were published. This chronological list has links to dedicated pages for each of the stories where you can find the following information:

  • When it was published
  • A description of the story (don’t worry – there aren’t any spoilers!)
  • A picture of the book’s cover
  • A link to the novel on Amazon for you to read reviews or buy a copy

If you’d like to see how these stories fit in with all her other releases, we have a separate page listing all of Patricia Cornwell’s books in order.

Kay Scarpetta Series In Order

  1. Postmortem
  2. Body Of Evidence
  3. All That Remains
  4. Cruel And Unusual
  5. The Body Farm
  6. From Potter’s Field
  7. Cause Of Death
  8. Unnatural Exposure
  9. Point Of Origin
  10. Black Notice
  11. The Last Precinct
  12. Blow Fly
  13. Trace
  14. Predator
  15. Book Of The Dead
  16. Scarpetta
  17. The Scarpetta Factor
  18. Port Mortuary
  19. Red Mist
  20. The Bone Bed
  21. Dust
  22. Flesh And Blood
  23. Depraved Heart
  24. Chaos