Patricia Cornwell – Chasing The Ripper

Chasing The Ripper is a short ebook by Patricia Cornwell that’s a follow-up to her previous book Portrait Of A Killer.

This Kindle Single had a date of publication of November 25, 2014.

Chasing The Ripper book description

In 2001, #1 New York Times bestselling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell was pulled into a real-life investigation of her own — the long-unsolved and deeply unsettling “Jack the Ripper” murders that mesmerized London in the late 1800s.

Applying modern science and forensic techniques to a century-old crime, Cornwell’s research led to the publication of Portrait of a Killer, in which she identified the renowned British painter Walter Sickert as the Ripper.

The book became a #1 bestseller but also embroiled Cornwell in controversy as Ripperologists dismissed her claims and her credibility. But for Cornwell, the book was only the beginning.

For more than a decade, Cornwell has devoted countless hours and invested millions in her pursuit of new evidence against Sickert. Now, twelve years later, Cornwell revisits the most notorious unsolved crime in history — determined to solve the mystery once and for all.

In this exclusive Kindle Single, Cornwell restates her case against Sickert, unveils new evidence, clarifies his motivations, and makes him human — and, along the way, explains how such a prominent cultural figure could be a notorious killer.

She also directly faces down her critics with withering skill and, in doing so, is likely to re-ignite the debate over history’s most heinous unsolved crime.

Patricia Cornwell Chasing The Ripper

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