Patricia Cornwell – Life’s Little Fable

Life’s Little Fable is a children’s book that was written by Patricia Cornwell.

This story was released on May 24, 1999.

Life’s Little Fable book description

Jarrod lives far away in a land where children climb trees and soar without fear of falling, and sunlight keeps out dark shadows.

As happy as Jarrod is living with his mother and his sister, he is also curious and daring. He wonders about the mysterious pond, the one place his mother wants him to stay away from. How deep is it? Why can’t he go into the water? Why is his mother so afraid for him?

One day he cannot resist going to the pond. And there he encounters the fierce, green-as-slime “god of the pond,” who lives deep down in the abyss. He tantalizes Jarrod with whispered promises of giving him anything he wants if only he will come into the water.

How Jarrod answers those whispers changes life not only for himself but for all the creatures who live in the pond.

Patricia Cornwell Life's Little Fable

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